Forexcryptotrade - The Company would be a complete solution for all fans of online investments as well as for all those who follow the trends in the market cryptocurrency which today is rapidly gaining popularity as an alternative payment method. Today we offer high-grade asset management service, based on a large network of hardware from around the world. Our years of experience and technical expertise allow us to work productively and develop new areas of safe income given the growth of cost and complexity of the process and bitcoin block mining reward having our proposal becomes an attractive and profitable for everyone. Along with crypto mining, the company also take part in renting mining farm and crypto trading thus it boosts our portfolio capacity as well as the growth.

Forexcryptotrade operates for its primary intent to provide the risk-free and secured environment to investors who are in search for the reliable income source with their investment. We take all appropriate and required measures to secure our network and data along with the funds.

Our mission is to make one financially free and independent. Your money is no use to you if it's just sitting there in a bank or wallet. As we love to say Do not work for money but lets your money work for you, What will be the best solution than Forexcryptotrade where you can earn hassle less stable income daily.

- How to Invest -


Choose a suitable Investment Plan

Select any of the Investment Plans you wish to start with.
You can always further Invest under any of the Plans from your account when you have signed up.


Sign Up for an Investment Account

Having selected an Investment Plan, choose how much you wish to invest, how you wish to fund it and preferred ROI model; then fill out a very simple form to sign up for an Investment Account.


Fund your New Investment

Then, fund your Investment through any of the available mediums, mostly Digital Currencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.) for ease of global payment when funding investments and when receiving your payouts.


We Trade and Invest strategically with your funds

Our Traders and Investors then take it from here. Leveraging their experience and expertise, your funds are strategically put into our portfolio trading and investments.


Your Account receives interests weekly

Your Investment Account receives interests on weekends or month-ends, depending on the ROI Model you opted for.


You can Request Payout or Re-invest your returns

Anytime, you can request your earned interests (ROI) for payout directly into your provided Account or Digital Wallet (for ease of global payment). You may also put them back at work by re-investment. You may choose to end any investment and request your capital back.

Our Investment Plans


Minimum Investment: $500
Maximum Investment: $4,000
On Daily ROI Model: 136%
Weekly ROI Model: 140% weekly
Referral Commission: 8% on referred users' first deposits and 3.5% on subsequents.


Minimum Investment: $4,000
Maximum Investment: $25,000
On 3 Days ROI Model: 162%
Weekly ROI Model: 168% weekly
Referral Commission: 8% on referred users' first deposits and 3.5% on subsequents.


Minimum Investment: $25,000
Maximum Investment: Unlimited
On Weekly ROI Model: 196% weekly
Weekly ROI Model: 196% weekly
Referral Commission: 8% on referred users' first deposits and 3.5% on subsequents.

Why Invest with us?
We help your money grow by putting it to work. Not just by words.
Financial Trading and Investing are risky fields that require proven experience and expertise for players to mitigate the downsides. Our team of traders and investors ensure not only that your funds are at work, but are put in carefully planned investments and trades. Our portfolio is strategically diversified for risk management. We ensure transparent returns, with favourable management fee.
years of experience
Our fund managers have the right experiances to put your funds at work.
top experts
Investing and Trading are handled by experts in the fields.
happy clients
People let us do it for them because they know we do it better.
Clients testimonials
Frequently asked questions
What is forexcryptotrade.live?

forexcryptotrade.live is a growing forex investment and cryptocurrency mining company based in the Netherlands. Our Corporate Headquarters is located at 48 Wall St, New York, NY 10005, United States. forexcryptotrade.live offers high-return investing in the Forex and precious metals.

Who manages the investment portfolio?

The investment portfolio is managed by our team of financial specialists with strong command in finance allows for effective analysis of the market and financial situation. The Company employs experts on the full-time basis who have been working on the currency exchange market for more than 15 years on average.

I wish to invest with forexcryptotrade.live but I don't have an any e-currency account. What should I do?

You can open a free PerfectMoney account, Payeer, BitCoin Wallet, Litecoin account, Ethereum account, Bitcoincash account, Dogecoin account